The best craft subscription boxes in Australia | Better Homes and Gardens

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If you’re new to the DIY space, or just in need of a new homeware staple that you can proudly say you made yourself, then a craft subscription is just right for you.

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The best craft subscription boxes in Australia | Better Homes and Gardens

Delivered directly to your door, your craft box will contain all the materials you need to make a masterpiece, meaning no last-minute trips to the store are needed.

It’s perfect for your next family night, friend hangout, or date night, with some kits teaching new craft skills while some create functional products for the home.

Here, we’ve gathered the best craft subscription boxes bringing fun and creativity to your door.

Maker Crate, $48.16 per month, KiwiCo

Dedicated to the discovery of new art and design tools, Maker Crate is a monthly craft box that aims to help you turn artistic visions into design realities. Each crate is designed to introduce fresh techniques and draw inspiration from real designs so that whether you’re a new crafter or an experienced maker, you can take pride in a finished project that’s both fun and functional.

The Adults & Crafts Crate, $35 per month, Cratejoy

This thoughtfully curated craft subscription box works great both for adults and teens to create fun and trendy projects. Every month is a different craft to allow you to learn a new craft technique like wood burning and engraving, and create beautiful products like wine carriers and epoxy resin coasters.

Creative Kawaii Craft Box, $39.83 per month, Etsy

For those who love a good surprise, this craft box will deliver everything you need to make three fun craft projects with a winter theme. You can expect at least one sewing project and at least one other craft type, with three projects in total.

Craft in Style: Monthly Craft Supply Kit, $33 per month, Cratejoy

Make stylish DIY projects every month, with a box featuring new projects, easy instructions, all the supplies, and free gifts along the way. Crafts vary from terrariums, clay marbling, candles, gold gilding, sun print photography and more. It really is the best way to DIY.

Eureka Crate, $48.16 per month, KiwiCo

For the innovators, this box will inspire you to think about the design and engineering behind everyday objects. You’ll be able to explore hands-on lessons in the creative application of the scientific principles behind real-world problems.

Plus, your chance to win

Plus, your chance to win

The best craft subscription boxes in Australia | Better Homes and Gardens

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